Customer Service

Customer service means something different at every company and eMed Medical Supply is no exception.  Our Customer Service Representatives do much more than answer phones and take orders.  Our Customer Service Representatives continually receive training regarding product education on the latest products and industry news from our manufacturers provides them with the platform of knowledge they need to stay informed and assist you with your medical supply needs.

We have a large number of customers who get supplies and need to reorder on a monthly basis.  Any of our Customer Service Representatives are fully qualified to process your order, you may still choose to contact the same representative each month. Having the same contact here at eMed Medical Supply allows you and your representative to establish a relationship which we feel benefits both parties and promotes continuity of care.

Our Customer Service Representatives do not work on commission.  One of our goals is to gather all the pertinent information to educate the customer which will allow that person to make the best, most informed decision possible.  We do not pressure our staff to sell upgrades but we do educate them to offer options if they are requested.